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frederic vester GmbH

The frederic vester GmbH in Munich was founded in 1970 by Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Frederic Vester as an independent privately financed institution. His aim was to to pursue independently what he considered as the vital problems in the fields of traffic, health, education, agriculture and the underlying linear way of thinking.

In such way the frederic vester GmbH (formerly Studiengruppe für Biologie und Umwelt Frederic Vester GmbH / Studygroup for Biology and Environment) became reknown in systemic consulting and studies carried out with the help of the Sensitivity Model Prof. Vester®.

After his death his wife and co-worker since the beginning Anne Vester took over the frederic vester GmbH for marketing of the software of the Sensitivity Model Prof. Vester® and Frederic Vester’s numerous legacies like his PC-simulation game Ecopolicy®, his books, Films etc. and the consulting on the basis of his ideas as well as the further development of the software of the Sensitivity Model Prof. Vester®. Regularily workshops provide an introduction in Frederic Vesters philosophy and the work with the Planning Instrumentarium.

Since 2006 and the integration of Vesters work into Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen AG, many further developments in software and methodology have been implemented by Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik and his company. The tools have been rebranded into Malik Sensitivity Model®Prof.Vester.

Mrs. Gabriele Harrer, who has been working closely for 18 years with Frederic Vester, is now Head of the Malik Competence Center Vester and in charge of the Sensitivity Model and ecopolicy. Further information: gabriele.harrer@mzsg.ch or gabriele.harrer@bluewin.ch

Tel. +49 089-535010