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Sensitivity Model
Sensitivity Model Prof. Vester

The computerized planning- and management tool for complex systems.
In an more and more complex world the common methods of solving problems are no longer sufficient and therefore no longer appropriate. Prof. Frederic Vester, recognized expert in the field of cybernetics, has developed this instrumentarium to meet the demand.

Over 30 years the Sensitivity Model Prof.Vester®, since 2006 now further developed as "Malik Sensitivity Model®Prof.Vester", has been successfully applied in the fields of:

  • management and technical consulting
  • business strategies
  • mediation
  • risk management
  • traffic planning
  • town- and regional planning
  • scientific research and education
  • ....

The Basis- and Professional Software SYSTEMTOOLS 9.2 for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 exists as trilingual software (German, English, Spanish). Further information on demand via email

Methodology, background and practical projects are described in Frederic Vesters book: The Art of Interconnected Thinking - Ideas and Tools for dealing with complexity. A New Report to the Club of Rome.
(MCB-Publishing House, Munich 2007, 2nd edition 2013). The book can be ordered online via Amazon.

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