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Interconnected and systemic thinking
Frederic Vester is known as the "father of interconnected thinking". Besides his work as a interdisciplinary researcher, teacher and consultant for industry and politics, he wrote bestselling books like on of the most famous "Breaking new grounds of Thinking - from the technocratic to the Cybernatice Age", "Our World, an Interconnected System" or "Urban Systems in Crisis". His last book, "The Art of Interconnected Thinking", was accepted as a "New Report to the Club of Rome".

Bestselling Author and industrial and political consultant
Renown for his manifold books, exhibitions, software developments, the German biocybernetician and systems researcher proved with some big pionieering system studies and projects the practical application of his approach. Some published projects below may give a short overview of the implementation of his systemic approach in planning and management.

Computerized tools to manage complexity
To facilitate the access to manage complexity and develop viable and future-oriented solutions for society through the findings and applications of cybernetics and systemic he developed a range of software tools.

To allow a playful access to complexity was the aim of his multimedial simulation game "ecopolicy(R)". Over 25 years, the game was developed for all the main operating systems. From 2008-2013 ecopolicy was the core of a first Germany wide contest, reaching more than 200.000 students from. The International competition in "Interconnected Thinking", initiated by Malik St.Gallen in Austria, The Netherlands, Australia, and Vietnam, has reached in 2013 for example more than 50.000 students and politicians.

Malik Sensitivity Model(R)Prof.Vester
A continuous developement and application in hundreds of planning and management projects is the computerized professional "Sensitivity Model (R)Prof.Vester". Since 2006 further developed by Malik Management under "Malik Sensitivity Model(R) Prof.Vester"). The unique and userfriendly software and methodology is used by more a wide range of licensees in all fields. The software can be licensed at Malik St.Gallen.

Some published projects examples

Integrated agriculture concept
His famous interdisciplinary study "Rural Workshops Herrmannsdorf", developed together with Karl-Ludwig Schweisfurt, the former owner of Herta, a huge meat processing company, has been successfully realized as the ecological integrated "Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten, Glonn near Munich, Germany.

New ways for the automotive Industry
The Ford Study, initiated by Daniel Goeudevert, then CEO of Ford Germany, describes a huge range of possible innovations for the automotive industry in over 20 detailed scenarios.

New Mobility
New ways for a sustainble and future oriented development of regional and urban developments have been implemented in the German tourism resorts Markt Oberstdorf, Markt Berchtesgaden and the surrounding regions.

Some actual published projects by Malik Management St.Gallen
Swiss Innovation System
The Swiss Departement of Innovation and Research, used the Malik Sensitivity Model to develop the new strategy for the Swiss Innovation System by Dr.Christiane Gebhardt and coworkers.. See an Article by Sebastian Friess, Head of INnovation Bern SBFI, Bern, published in: Die Volkswirtschaft 10-2013.

Cybersystemic Tools in Politics

At the Herrenhausen Systemic Inquiry, Hannover, in July 2015 Gabriele Harrer, Head of Malik Competence Center Vester, introdcued in her keynote the practical applications in management, politics and planning to an international auditory of system thinkers and research.

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