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Contents of the Package


Contents of the professional Software and Know-How-Package:

  • Software-Set SYSTEM-TOOLS version SMW 9.2 (2018) for Windows XP / Windows 7, 8, 10
    The software contains all computerized tools and programs which are used to work out one or more sensitivity models. The software is a trilingual version - English, German and Spanish.

  • User license with codified Lock-Protection (Hardlock/Dongle, USB), which allows the licensee exclusive access to the software. Thereby the System-Tools are protected against misuse and unallowed insights. The software may be installed on several computers, but can be started only with the connected hardlock

  • Know-how- und methodic manual with many practical examples

  • Accompanying set with additional manual and multimedial working- and training material (Powerpoint-charts, videos, simulation game, working sheets)

  • Intensive and individual one-day training (for up to 3 participants) using a specific example

  • Update- and Software-Support for one year (can be prolonged afterwards on request by yearly charges)
    Price upon request

Completing Offers

  • Enterprise or branchspecific single models
  • Additional hardlocks for internal use
  • Network licenses (for 2 to 250 users)
  • Special conditions for educational and Non Profit Organisations
  • Software-and update-support for one further year
  • Licenses with train-the-trainer-workshop as authorized consultant
  • Workshops, consulting and moderation

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